Photography is my continuous lesson of living in the moment. Not looking back at the fading light or turned head; just keeping it real with what is now, in the present. I capture that moment as I see it from my angel and I bring my unique personal history to that instant when I capture each photograph.

Living in the moment and capturing it, is my way of sharing with the world how I see things; whether it be humorous, serious, playful, profound or just plain creative.

Photography helps me to express my personality and how I view this world we all live in without having to say a word.

My photographs, subject matter and interests evolve and change as I grow. What pleases me the most with my photography is how my pictures illicit strong responses from all those that view them. It brings me great satisfaction to please and entertain others.

This is what gives me purpose and the ultimate fulfilment of an art form that shapes our lives.

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